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International and District Awards

Zonta International has developed the Amelia Earhart Fellowships program, the Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarships, the Young Women in Public Affairs Award and the Women in Technology Scholarship as a strategy to achieve its mission of improving the status of women worldwide. All four awards are offered annually at an international level to assist and recognise the achievements of women, and the Jane M. Klausman scholarships and Young Women in Public Affairs awards are also offered at Club and District level. Find out more about the Zonta International Education Awards  Click here

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2024 Young Women in Public Affairs Award

Congratulations to Mary Do on being announced as a 2024 Zonta International and the District 22 YWPA winner.  Mary attends the Queensland Academy for Science, Maths and Technology and was nominated by the Zonta Club of Brisbane North Inc. Mary is interested in pursuing a career in healthcare or education, as they are avenues for service, advocacy, and empowerment, especially for women and girls. Having immigrated from Vietnam, a developing country, she understands how limited education can hinder an individual’s future, which has fuelled her passion for teaching. Therefore, as a teacher, she believes she could empower girls by providing them with the necessary tools to pursue their dreams and bridge the gender gap. Similarly, as a healthcare professional, she could promote female representation in the field, inspiring other young girls whilst simultaneously advocating for women’s health. Ultimately, these professions will allow her to pay forward the education opportunities she has been given. Mary intends to maintain her current volunteer commitments as well as join the Charlie’s Angels team at Prince Charles Hospital in the future, so she can gain both valuable healthcare experience and provide compassionate patient support and services. For  the past four years, she has volunteered as a cashier at Citipointe Marketplace, an op-shop offering emergency food assistance to vulnerable individuals,  is a volunteer tutor at eTutorsProject, participated in the Ekka Strawberry Sundae Stall for the past two years, raising funds for medical research and attended the annual Youth Roundtable during Queensland Youth Week, where she advocated for issues such as mental health support, female representation in the community, and the importance of equal access to high-quality education. Overall, these experiences have improved her advocacy skills and shaped her into a more compassionate and empathic individual.

2023 Women in STEM Scholarship

Congratulations to Shayna Spencer a Zonta International Women in STEM scholarship winner.

Shayna is a fourth-year student at Griffith University (Gold Coast, Australia) pursuing a dual degree in mechanical engineering and industrial design. Prior to starting her degree, she explored various industries trying to find her passions. She loved problem-solving, math and science and wanted to work in a field where she was working toward addressing climate change.
Meeting an engineer in her mid-20s inspired Shayna to pursue engineering. She has consistently excelled in her courses, receiving academic excellence awards each year and gaining admission to the prestigious Griffith Honours College, which comprises the top two percent of students. During her academic journey, Shayna discovered a deep passion for teamwork, learning from others and collaborative efforts. Beyond the classroom, she actively engages in extracurricular activities to work with diverse teams and contribute to positive change. Recognizing the gender gap in engineering, and the importance of diversity of thought when working toward complex global challenges, Shayna took on the role as chair of the Griffith University Women in Engineering club in the second trimester of her studies. In this capacity, she has led initiatives to support, encourage and celebrate women in engineering and those aspiring to join the field. Her efforts were recognized with the Griffith University Student Guild Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion. Shayna is eagerly looking forward to completing her degree and applying the knowledge and experiences she has gained to work toward a better future and contribute to sustainable solutions through engineering.

2023 District and Zonta International JMK Women in Business Scholarship Winner

Congratulations Tara McCarthy on being the 2023 winner of this scholarship.  Tara was nominated by the Zonta Club of Brisbane Inc. Tara is the recipient of a QUT Business School Deans Honors Award 2021, 2022 and QUT Executive Deans’ Commendation for Academic Excellence. She showed entrepreneurial talents from a young age, with early inspiration to be a business leader, becoming Moreton Bay College Captain and Public Speaking Captain in 2020. Her academic leadership and community achievements during her schooling are impressive. She actively seeks additional development opportunities: six month (2022-23) in Netherlands on an exchange program studying Designing Sustainability Transitions at Delft Technological University – providing her with direct business client contact experience including making future business recommendations. She works part time (2-3 days weekly) with Business Models Inc (BMI) a global business innovation and strategy firm where she has displayed natural talents in entrepreneurship and communications juggling priorities and delivering high-quality products within tight deadlines.

2023 District and International Young Women in Public Affairs Winner

Charlotte Gillies, the Brisbane Zonta Club Young Women in Public Affairs award recipient, is one of 31 recipients around the world to receive an international YWPA award and one of only three Australians. She will receive $5000 US for her international award. Studying International Security at the Australian National University, Charlotte won the club award in recognition of her service to the community and alignment with the objectives of Zonta International. A former student at Hillbrook Anglican School, Charlotte was involved in school governance on student council, as a participant in UN activities and a key member of the school’s Z club.


2022 District and International JM Klausman Women in Business Scholarship

Congratulations to Clare Isaac who has been announced as the District 22 and ZI JMK Klausman Women in Business Scholarship Winner for 2022. Clare is studying Business at the Queensland University of Technology and was nominated by the Zonta Club of Brisbane Inc.


2022 District 22 Young Women in Public Affairs Award Winner

Mahsa Nabizada, nominated by the Zonta Club of Toowoomba Area Inc has been announced as our 2022 District winner. Mahsa is in her final year at Fairholme College, Toowoomba. Her connection to community volunteer programs is to be commended, her initiative with the Regional council projects are an example of this, a School back pack project providing packs to newly arrived students to help them settle in to the new format of Australian schooling, and her Youth Group Networking project has seen the many of support groups in Toowoomba meet and understand each other’s purpose, with a day session to be able to pool resources providing a platform of networking. Mahsa has been actively involved with her community, producing a Persian Program on FM102.7, being a volunteer for Pure Land learning college association and Youth Peace Leader. Mahsa will be a member of the Australian delegation to the International Interfaith Peace Conference Malaysia this year.  We wish Mahsa all the best as her nomination is now considered at the International level.

2021 District 22 JM Klausman Women in Business Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Teresa Chuang the nominee from the Zonta Club of Brisbane Sunrise Inc who has been selected as our District winner for 2021.  Teresa is a penultimate accelerated honours student studying the Bachelor of Advanced Business at the University of Queensland who is an aspiring fund manager/management consultant with a desire to:

  • Improve the gender gap, with only 14% and 17% of fund managers and consulting firm partners being female;
  • further help host and promote events that address equality and women’s rights, where speakers can share their experience, advice, and opportunities for women.

2021 District 22 Young Women in Public Affairs Award Winner

Congratulations to Andrea Frederick who is the District 22 YWPA winner for 2021.  Andrea was nominated by the Brisbane North club and is a key leader on the Service Leadership 2021 team at the Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics & Technology, and is in her final year of High School.  The panel was deeply impressed with her community activities and volunteerism, school representation and leadership and especially knowledge and experience of local and international projects and issues, related to women.  Andrea’s application has been forwarded to Zonta International for judging at the international level and we wish her all the best at this level