District 22 Templates & Forms

Planning Area Meetings – Information for Host Clubs (2)

Area Director Manual – District 22 Area 2

D22 Dues Invoice and Remittance Advice 2019-20 (2)

ZI D22 Expenses Claim 

ZI D22 Dues Invoice and remittance advice 2018-9 

Insurance Notification of Events 2017-8

D22 Welcome to Zonta Brochure 2018

Breast Cushion Flyer


The Brochures produced below whilst containing information which may assist Clubs were produced in a previous Biennium so should be used with caution.  Contact details are no longer relevant and information for the YWPA and JMK Awards needs to be cross checked with the current information accessible through the Zonta International site.

Archived District Brochures
 Welcome to Zonta  2008-2010 OMC Brochure  2008-2010 UN Brochure
  2008-2010 D22 Area Director Brochure  2008-2010 PRC Brochure  2008-2010 YWPA & JMK Brochure
 2008-2010 LA&A Brochure  2008-2010 SWS Brochure  Z Clubs