Insurance Documents 2018-9

The insurance policies for Liability Insurance and Voluntary Workers Cover have been renewed for the period 1 July 2018 to 1 July 2019.  Below are links to the Liability Insurance Certificate of Insurance and Policy Schedule and the Voluntary Workers Certificate of Insurance and Schedule of Cover.

The Liability Insurance cover provisions require Clubs to complete and forward details of functions classed as Notifiable Events before the Insurer confirms acceptance of any such event.               The required Notifiable Events Form, including definitions and instruction, is available at the link   below.  Please ensure your Club considers this requirement when planning your functions.

Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency 2018-9

Public Liability Insurance Policy Schedule 2018-9

Voluntary Workers Certificate of Insurance 2018-9

Voluntary Workers Insurance Schedule of Cover 2018-9

Insurance Notification of Events 2018-9